Accounting Systems

System Performance

We can look at your current system and help you determine what is working and what is not. We can help you keep your system up and running 24 x 7. We can create monitoring and alerting systems to warn you when things go amiss. We can help structure your resources so that they run with complete security and surety. We can help analyze and eliminate bottlenecks to ensure the smoothest flowing system possible.  


We have vast experience of turning your data into real information. We specialize in harmonizing the information from your various systems and giving you the information that the decision makers of your company needs to stay on top of their business. Think of all the “reports by spreadsheet” that your company does each month. Now look at the people that are compiling those reports. Likely as not, the people that are compiling these reports are your senior problem solvers. Their time is consumed in updating spreadsheets and shifting graphs then making copies of the information for the various consumers. Think also how much more productive these people would be solving the challenges and seizing the opportunities that hit your company every day.   

System Return on Investment


All companies make huge investments into the systems that drive their company’s processes.  Transition into new system purchases can be arduous. Does it feel like you received the benefit of the commitment of time and money that you sank into the system? Are you getting the full use of the system that you purchased? CCBS can help you realize the full potential of the investment. We can help you and your staff squeeze the most out of the systems that they have. We can give you an objective analysis of the systems, what they can and cannot do. An objective appraisal that can show you how to adjust your course and unlock the capabilities that you own. 

System\Data Integration


We live in an ever-growing integrated world. Systems need to talk to systems, that need to talk to systems. We can help bring your systems together.  We can help your time management system talk to your payroll system, that will speak to your accounts payable system who is conversing with your financial systems. Most systems have mechanisms to do this talking, but the technology can be so daunting that most companies never even try to use it. We can help sort out the systems, determine what conversations should take place and help the systems understand each other. 


We can show you how to use the systems you already own. Many times, the way you do business is passed down from one employee to another by word of mouth. A lot can be lost in the telling of the tale. We can come in and refresh the story. Show you things that were not important way back when but could add incredible value in bringing out the efficiencies lost over time. 

Process Implementation

If you are planning on implementing new aspects of your systems or want to create a tight successful project, we can help your team get organized and help you prepare for the pitfalls and the pinnacles of process change. Change is daunting for the best of teams. We bring years of experience in rolling out company and global change. We offer change management experience for the big and the little processes. The size of the process you want to implement does not always correlate to the impact of success or the ramifications of failure. We will help guide you and your team through the rocks and shoals of change management to prepare and minimize the risks and ensure the best outcome possible.