Information Systems

Systems Architecture

We can help you cut through the cutting edge. We have extensive experience in examining numerous vendors and technologies that help you quickly through the maze of solutions.   

Strategic Planning

 Each company is unique. We will help you navigate through the various levels of your growing business. We can help you meet the needs of today and prepare your organization for the needs of tomorrow.  

System Integration

Traditionally a company has been made up of pockets of information: Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal, Contacts, Project Information, Project Performance, and Resource Planning. In today’s business environment, all these functions are increasingly integrated. There are internal and external systems between banks, vendors and clients. We can help you get your data to flow freely between systems.  Delivering information into the hands of the decision makers in your company, so that they can focus on growing your business rather than growing your systems.    

Project Management


Often a project will come along, and you will have to pull your critical people out of their “day jobs” to get that project completed. The key functions that you hired these people for cannot be put on the back burner while they are re-tasked.  This scarcity of resources can keep you trapped and prolong the improvements that will move your organization forward. We can step in, work with your staff and complete the project fast and professionally without compromising your employees core functions. You will not have to hire additional staff to fill the gaps.   

Conflict Resolution


Basic organizational structure is composed of multiple systems and departments. Both collecting and processing the same data creating huge inefficiencies which can lead to animosity and internal friction when change is warrantied. This disharmony between departments will erode your organizations confidence in the abilities and cost effectiveness of the core functions of your corporate services departments. The team at CCBS will implement improvements, complimenting existing systems with steam-lined approaches which will support multiple departmental requirements. 

Work Flow Analysis/Optimization


Have you ever asked your staff “why are we doing it this way?” only to hear “well we have always done it this way”.  To effect change that will improve your company can be seen as an obstacle. We can help plow through the wall of resistance and manage that change, ensuring a successful completion of your project. We can bring new eyes to your company that have seen many different flavors of solutions. We will tailor the best solutions for your unique needs. We bring vast experience and expertise that your team can leverage from. We will ensure that they are part of the solution, that they understand the changes, why they are necessary and how they can champion the results.

Software Evaluation


Sales people can wear you down. We can manage all the vendor relations for you. We can bring our considerable experience and knowledge to bear as we analyze the various choices and help you make an educated, thorough, and objective comparison of all available options. We can recommend how a new technology or equipment fits into your operations. What is the meat of their systems, their abilities and insufficiencies. We can give you an honest, unbiased appraisal of what is important and what is sales bravado. 

Electronic Document Processing and Storage


We can help you create and organize your company’s documents. We have a great success story in creating systems using your existing software, hardware and personnel. We take these major investments and marry them with your accounting and human resource systems, cleanly and efficiently. Increasing the return on current investments, virtually eliminating storage costs, and increase the availability and accountability of your information. Making your staff more efficient and assuring that your clients and personnel have the information they need, when they need it.