Client Feedback Systems

Client Information and Survey Systems

The very best way of ensuring that your practice prospers is that you know what your clients are thinking about. Knowing what they are thinking about you and what is happening in their world. We have experience in automating client information and survey systems so that you can automate the process and analyze the responses so that you can respond to their needs. 

Sales Information Collection and Analysis


Accounting provides results in a rear-view mirror focus. The completed picture reflects lessons learned and compels the need for changes. What most companies are desperate for are ways to look forward to seeing and spot opportunities and trends. To then seize them and to see how effective their sales efforts have been. Being able to better predict your chargeability can be of vital importance. We can help you get the most out of everyone’s efforts by using information that is gathered in one area, use it in another, and help you integrate all the processes so tightly that each area where data is collected will complement one another.

Client Relationship Management and Systems Optimization


Integrated systems help’s your team to achieve their business goals and objectives. Access to information seamlessly and timely is a key component to your firm’s success. Accounting and marketing systems can be challenging. We can help you harmonize these two very different groups with reliable information. We can help you to achieve the complimenting goals of these two separate business groups with transparency and cohesiveness. 

Marketing Information Systems


The need for immediate accurate marketing information is invaluable. The person sitting in front of their client needs to be able to have this information at their fingertips. Sales needs an in depth understanding of your client, their internal relationships within your organization, deliverables provided by your firm and who else is engaging with them. We have experience in bringing accounting, marketing, and organizational information to the people who need it. We can help you get the data right, instilling team confidence and client unification. 


We have experience in developing training programs to make sure that your people can never say to you “no one ever told me”.  This will be removed from the dialog. We can conduct in person, virtual and can create electronic media for training that will help you make sure that everyone in your organization knows how to use the tools.  Your firm will no longer have to rely on word of mouth for training new employees. Electronic training will free up your people to work on the more challenging, and more meaningful aspects of their work. 

Project Performance


We can create a system for employees to see all their critical information in real time, in a way where they don’t have to be an accountant to understand it. Too often systems are designed by people who will not be using it. We have vast experience in creating the perspectives into your data in the ways that will make these individuals lives better, not more tedious. Your team can then focus on what really matters. Producing for their company in designing and engineering the things that make your company successful.